TV Show sort by release date order broken in 7.4

As the title says, despite my sort order being set to release date, unwatched tv shows sorts alphabetically. This is crazy annoying as you can’t see the newest unwatched stuff anymore.


Thanks for the report. We’re looking into this.


Thanks James. While you are looking at it, it would be great if we could have different sort orders for standard tv and movie libraries vs unwatched lists.

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Just popped on here to report the same problem. 7.4 forces all my TV Shows to alphanumeric sorting rather than Release Date. Please fix !


I’ve got subfolders with movies + movies in the root folder as well. When sorted by date - folders have been alsways on top (skipped the sorting), now in 7.4 - it’s all messed up.

Both apple TV & iOS

Even after changing sorting order to release date the shows are still in alphabetical
This happened after the latest update
The screenshot is from my iPadOS but tvOS shows the same bug

7.4.1 with a fix for this is now available on the App Store. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, no. Folders (e.g. ‘Action’, ‘Drama’… with movies inside) are still NOT on top in the root folder. Expected - folders still sorted alphabetically AND displayed first, and movies after - by date.

Folders are displayed on top if you are using Sort by Title.

For other sorting options, folders are mixed in with files (similar to how macOS Finder works).

Before 7.4 - it wasn’t like that. In Finder btw you have an option ‘folders on top’ (always activated of cause)

Any follow up please about “folders on top” behaviour which was changed in 7.4?

Mac OS let’s you control the folder locations and this was not the behavior On the Apple TV app before 7.4

Sort by Date is broken. It shows everything alphabetically. It used to work all this time. I’m on 7.4.1.

Note that sort by “release date” is working but not sort by date.

I checked my Plex library in Plex ATV app and sort by date added works fine there.

So def something broken in 7.4

yep, sort by “date” for TV shows is broken in 7.4.1 on ATV 4K,
it sorts the TV folders alphabetically instead … Movies sort it OK.
sorting by “release date” is OK but “date” is broken for TV shows

used to work perfectly OK on all previous versions - please fix this ASAP …


Can you post an image of what you are seeing vs what you are expecting to see?

I can’t replicate any issues here, but I may be misunderstanding what you are trying to do.


as you can see on the images,
apple TV 4K - latest infuse pro version 7.4.1,
sort is set for “Date” but TV folder is ordered alphabetically.

when adding a new TV series folder - sort is OK (by date) for a few seconds until folder art is loaded and then back to being sorted alphabetically … this might help locate the bug.





Any update? Thanks

any updates ?

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