TV Show - same post cover on all shows

Hi I have problem with infuse 4 pro and infuse 6 pro.

One month ago after the update I created the same poster art for everyone on TV show.

I try this and same problem issue.

  • update last version infuse
  • upadate last version TVos
  • metadata update
  • jpg poster in folder tv show

Please help.

Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

This issue was originally caused by a bug at TheTVDB. The issue has now be fixed on their end, and but requires a few minor changes in Infuse in order to start working normally again.

These fixes have been implemented, and will be available soon in the Infuse 6.2.5 update.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi. Any specific timing for an abovementioned update? Currently my folders and metadata in general are a total mess, most likely due to this issue so an update would really help, otherwise I might cancel the subscription.

We expect to have 6.2.5 available on the App Store Mon or Tues of next week.

Hi. today I updated to 6.2.5 and still do the same.

For me too with Family Guy. Still no correct cover for the seasons even with own artwork of posters…

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