TV Show remake - same name

I’m having an issue with a TV show that has the same name as its remake years later (Yes, Prime Minister) to be precise. I have named the 2 folders exactly as they are in TVDB - Yes, Prime Minister and Yes, Prime Minister (2013) - but I can’t for the life of me get Infuse to recognize them separately. It will label both folders the same, and manual selection does the same thing. Suggestions?

For both the series folder and the individual episode names you’ll need to include the year.

Series folder name “Yes Prime Minister (2013)” and “Yes Prime Minister (1986)”

Same for the episodes
“Yes Prime Minister (2013) S01E01.mkv”


“Yes Prime Minister (1986) S01E01.mkv”


Worked perfectly, didn’t realize the episodes needed to be renamed as well. Thanks!


Glad it worked for you. :+1:

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