TV Show recognition bug


I got some TV shows on my NAS, strongly organized in folders, and subfolders with “Season XX” sub folders, but only if there are more than one season. I started from scratch getting all the meta data from, but the app is doing some kind of weird thing: it uses he same meta data for different files! I opened a folder, lets say “my new tv show” and the files where correctly recognized and separated into two seasons, one special (for the pilot with S00E01) and (the one and only) season one. but this folder didn’t get a tv show poster. I checked the next folder and saw, that all files are labeled with “my new tv show” (my previous tv show).

I assume that infuse has got a problem with TV shows that are not organized into season sub folders. I crosschecked all folders with the broken stuff and came across that all those folders does not have any subfolders for a season, because there is only one.

Can this be fixed in the future? I won’t insert new sub folders everywhere where it makes no sense at all. Even Kodi can handle this.
Note: I bought the Pro version for 10€, I’m not using the light app

We’ll take a look at this. Sorry for the trouble.