TV Show Ozark won't show as TV show


Ozark (netflix) won’t show as a TV show on Infuse. Also, when I browse to the Share directly, it shows the episodes with raw file name and no season separation.

File names are as so:


  • Folders [Season 1] [Season 2]

Season 2

  • Ozark.S02E01.Reparations.2160p.HDR.Netflix.mkv - Redacted some irrelevant info from file name.

Other shows piped trough the same system (Sonarr / NFS share) are showing correctly.


Have you tried the edit metadata function?

I could but what should I edit if show name, folder name and file names all seem ok.

I don’t mean to actually change the file name, in Infuse you can use the “Edit Metadata” function to be able to pick the metadata. See this users guide Metadata 101 – Firecore and look at the “Making manual corrections (Apple TV)” section.

Once you have picked the correct metadata Infuse will remember it for other episodes too.

Thank you very much.

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