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The first half of my tv shows have no artwork and the second half does. Each section is in alphabetical order. Don’t understand why the shows are organizing this way.

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A bit more info would really help.

First, what device? iPhone, ATV, iPad?

Are you browsing in the favorites folders or are you looking at the Library?

Are you using the Pro version (either the stand alone pro or the free with a subscription added)?

Could you provide screen pics of what your talking about?

You’ll find a wealth of help in the users guides and this one will tell you about how to name your files and folder structure.

Also I’ve found the following naming and file structure to be about the most reliable in fetching the correct metadata the first time.

Sorry, I was a bit vague. I’m using an Apple TV 4K. My TV Shows are in a favorites folder. All shows are in one folder with no separate season folders, and are named like this TV Show Name - S0XE0X. I’m using the Pro version, don’t recall if its a subscription.

You may want to try the season folders (even for one season) as in my example and that may solve your problems.

I’ll give it a shot, thanks.

This seems to fix the main tv show pages, but the episodes are not sorted into seasons.

Can you provide a screen cap of how you have the files named for one of the series that doesn’t sort correctly?

Also a screen cap of the problem you’re seeing on the ATV may help

This is an example of how the files are named. On the ATV the show folders are fine, but episodes are not sorted into seasons. For example, for a two season show of 10 episodes each, you would expect two folders, one for each season, instead I get 20.

Can you do a screen cap on the ATV of ballers if that’s one that is giving you problems?

Are you viewing these on the atv in the Library > TV shows or are you using a favorite from the home page?

I’ll send later, I don’t have access to the ATV at the moment, but all you’ll see are each episode, no folders.

I’m viewing thru a favourite.

When you get a chance, could you check out the Library view of the same show and see if that gives you the seasons?

So I must have jumped the gun and hadn’t given Infuse enough time too scrape the metadata. My shows in both Library and favourites are looking good; alphabetized, with artwork and seasons organized.

thank you for your help

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You’re welcome! Glad it finally got caught up for you. :smile:

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