TV Show Organization in 5.4

Question with regards to TV show season display in Infuse Pro 5.4.2. I have a TV_Show directory with a subdirectory for each show and season. For example under TV_Shows I have directories: The_100-s01, The_100-s02, The_100-s03, The_100-s04, Blindspot-s01, Blindspot-s02, etc… I’ve been using Infuse since version 4 and previous versions would go into each of the subdirectories within TV_Shows and display all shows/seasons when TV_Shows directory was selected. Current 5.4.2 version is displaying each show/season as a directory and you have to select the subdirectory to get you see the season artwork and have the option to select the episode to watch.

This change happened somewhere in the 5.4 version upgrades and is on both TvOS and iOS versions. I don’t see anything in settings that would change this behavior. I could probably put all files in the TV_Shows directory both this would be difficult to manage as I am up to 56 shows/seasons now. Any way to get this working as in previous versions?

Can you provide a few examples of how the actual episodes are named?

Are things listed correctly if browsing through the Library?