TV Show order

Hi All,

First i would like to say that I love the Infuse on Apple TV4, it was the solution i was looking for !

I am now having a small issue with my TV shows. Most of my TV shows are in alphabetical order,
so when I am in my TV shows folder, every TV show has a nice picture with beneath it the name of the show (ex. Arrow, Black-ish, Breaking Bad,…).
I can see them going from A to Z.

However, there are also some other TV Shows which come after the last alphabetical TV show (30 Rock, Blood & Oil, Empire), these shows have a picture, but do not show the name of the TV show beneath it.
I’ve made sure that all my TV shows are using the same hierarchy (name TV Show - Season - Video Files).

Does anybody maybe have an idea why this is happening ?

I know this is not a big issue, but for some shows I have to scroll whole the way down, and cannot use the alphabetical order.

Thanks !

Check the naming of your season folders inside your TV folder, it sounds like the same issue i was finding.

Hi terryn,

Thanks for you input, but I guess your issue was slightly different.
I’ve reviewed my naming structure, and for the TV Shows that don’t show the name, the structure is the same as the other ones.
(So ex. no “Empire Season 1” as the name of the Season folder, but just Season 1 etc…)

I just find it strange that some TV shows have no name underneath the Picture, while others do.

Hi again,

I have resolved the issue by clearing all metadata, so now everything is displayed correctly.
I guess I should have tried this earlier.

Anyway thanks !