TV show not recognized

The TV show Mayans M.C is not recognized by infuse. This is probably due to the fact the title is Mayans M.C… Problem is that windows does not allow for a period at the end of a folder or filename. So the folder which contains the serie misses the last period so it cannot be identified. There might be more shows like this. Is there a way it can be fixed in infuse?

Try “Mayans MC s01e01.mkv” without a space between the m and c.

This worked for me.


I use Sonarr to rename all of my TV shows.

You can also use the Edit option in Infuse to search for the series title manually.

Correcting metadata for a single episode in the series will allow those changes to be applied to all other episodes as well.

I changed the folder sonarr made to Mayans MC instead of Mayans M.C, which fixed it. Thanks for the help.

did you find how to label the folder?

I use “Mayans MC” as the folder name without problems.

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