TV Show not being grouped into seasons


I have a decent number of TV Show, and all but one of them are looking great with 5.2. However, Stargate SG-1 is not being grouped into seasons.

I use FileBot to name all of my media, using TheTVDB and The MovieDB, so the naming conventions should be ok.

Any suggestions?


A bit more to add here. Each TV show is in its own directory, no subdirectories for seasons. Happening in both iPad and ATV4.

Something that has worked for others with issues on Stargate is to change “SG-1” to “SG1” on the file names.

Nice and Simple! Let me give it a try. Thanks.

Infuse gets about 95% of the files right the first time, about 3% need simple changes, that last 2% required voodoo.

Let us know if this simple fix works for you.

It did. Thanks.

Umm while I have your attention, if I may :slight_smile: On the all TV Shows screen, I see just a folder icon for all of the shows that have multiple seasons, and the icons and metadata for unwatched etc is not shown. For shows with just one season, all good, show icon and unwatched status. Do I need to do anything to get that for all of them?

Are the season in the show folder grouped into sub folders by season or are they all together?

Each show has its own directory, but not grouped into seasons.

You might try on one of the shows with multiple seasons to group each season in a folder. The folder name needs to be Season 01, Season 02, etc. I believe. Try that on one and see if that gets you what your looking for.

Thanks. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Using a sub-folder for every season is definitely the way to go for multi-season tv shows. Plus this is the exact same recommended setup for a Plex Media ‘TV-library’, so its a win-win if you ever want to use a Plex server to stream to almost any modern digital media center. I am, however, a little unsure about the rules of Infuse’s library setup…

Do all TV Series & Episodes need to be under a “TV Shows” parent folder? And all Movies need to be under a “Movies” parent folder? Or can a TV Series (like ‘Planet Earth’) coexist in a folder with similar Movies (like Disneynature’s ‘Oceans’)? I am wondering if Infuse’s Library View (tvOS) would get confused if I make a “Documentary” folder, and place ALL nonfiction / wildlife / educational titles under that folder, no matter if they are doc films, doc tv series, doc tv movies, etc.

I was looking in the wrong place. The Library view is working perfectly. And for reference, the way I store TV Shows (1 directory for each, no season directories) works just fine with Plex and Kodi.