TV show "missing" with Jellyfin not with Plex

To preface this post, same behavior happens with both the stable version of Infuse and the latest beta.

I am searching for a TV show (“Happy Valley”) and it doesn’t find it with Infuse via Jellyfin backend but if I search via Swiftfin (their native app), it shows up. On another device where I have the same library connected via Plex backend, it does find the same show as well.

When I browse the TV Show folder manually, I can see it. After having done that I did get one match for an episode of “For All Mankind” S03E04 that has the very same title. Native Infuse doesn’t find that episode at all but does find the “Happy Valley” show.

Any idea what can cause that?

Without including the specific Infuse version numbers you are referring to, this statement is essentially meaningless. A new version of each might release five minutes from now.

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I don’t understand what exactly you are searching for or where. Are you trying to import episodes of the TV series “Happy Valley” into Infuse? Are they named in the fashion of either “Happy Valley S##E##.mkv” or “Happy Valley 2014 S##E##.mkv”?

Or are you having a trouble locating episodes already included in your library?

The entire show is already in my library and has been so for a while. It must be a bug because on another family members account with the same setup, they do find it. Not sure what I can do to resolve it since it seems to happen on two separate devices (stable & beta) and yet on a different user’s device it does show.

@FLskydiver good point about including version numbers… I just thought that it probably doesn’t matter since both have the same problem.