TV Show Metadata weird after 7.7.2 update

After the update some of my TV show metadata has gone weird. I’m running Infuse through my Plex server without direct mode and some of the posters have disappeared and are out of alphabetical order. I’ve checked my Plex server and it’s nothing on that end, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing something similar?

Do these series have poster artwork on the Plex server?

Can you try opening the details page and selecting the Refresh option for the affected items to see if that helps?

They do have their own custom posters on the Plex server.

I have gone into the details page and pressed refresh, it works until I go into the details page of another show and then reverts back again.

Even after the 7.7.3 update the same issue is happening on the same 2 shows “Chernobyl” and “The Outsider”, Star Wars Rebels sees to have sorted itself out. Everything work on Plex’s end… it’s just a bit weird.

I can’t seem to replicate this here, even when using custom artwork in Plex.

Can you post an image of how the series and seasons appear in Plex?

This is what everything looks like in Plex:

And this is what it looks like in Infuse:

All the others seem to work, it’s just those 2. Star War Rebels was the same but it miraculously started acting normal again.

My tv metadata is ok but I have for the first time lost artwork on the movies - the description is fine but the artwork has gone - very weird

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Actually, no - Star Wars Rebels has started doing it again. For some reason all its metadata is gone and it is appearing F/G section again.