TV Show Metadata and Grouping

Im having some issues with the metadata and grouping of my TV shows.

The folder structure i have is as follows (Using American Dad as an example):

(Folder) American Dad!
(Folder) Season 1
(File) American Dad_S01E01
(File) American Dad_S01E02

So i believe they are all laid out as instructed in your metadata guide. The episodes do group together, but i was under the impression they grouped and effectively became the Season 1 folder. Instead the Season 1 folder is still there and i have to go inside it to see one grouped set of files for season 1. Also there is no picture for either the Season 1 folder or the American Dad! folder… and the same for all my other tv shows.

I have tried putting all the files directly into the American Dad! folder and they do all resolve into the correct groups (It just means the actual video files are all stored in the same folder rather than separated into Season folders. There is still however no image for the American Dad! folder.

Also how does it handle tv shows with only one season like “Band of Brothers”. Currently i have to go into the band of brothers root folder to see one set of grouped files. Is it meant to be like that or is it supposed to show the group directly when i press the Band of Brothers folder.

I’ve seen some people talking about manually putting a “folder.jpg” picture in the folders they want with an image… i’ve tried this as well and it still doesn’t show an image, just the folder.

I can’t workout how to attach images to this either, so i could post a few screenshots if someone told me how!

Any help would be appreciated!

I have the same issues. Can anyone help?


I came here to resolve just this issue. I noticed in this link Metadata 101 – Firecore That I could make a custom XML file to override whatever infuse is doing but I would rather not have to do this. It happens on numerous TV shows where one season just hangs out in its folder within the season without reason or rhyme.

Has anyone found a way to solve this?


I have successfully found a way to wreck the grouping quite easily, and that is to make an additional folder within the season’s sub folder. Whether it’s empty or not, this wrecks Infuse’s grouping.

Somewhat regularly I will have a subs folder separate within my season’s folder, or a folder which contains file and ripping information. Any seasonal folder which had that data would not group nicely with other seasons