TV SHOW main menu cover art not showing the right covers for tv seasons

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:219:]][[wysiwyg_imageupload:220:]]This is how my TV Shows show up when im in TV Shows which is perfect.  I have True Blood Season 2 with its own cover.  Then one below True blood season 3 with its own cover and so on…PERFECT.  What im trying to get is when you are on the main menu at your recently watched tv shows is to show the same covers (as seen in these pictures) to show up on the main menu.  I keep getting one cover for all seasons.  It only happen with the true blood seasons…If I click on the George Lopez season…On the main menu on recently watched it shows the George Lopez cover like it should.  

Anyone know why this is happening…Why I cant get the covers from each season to show up on the main menu top row?  @James could I get your help on this matter if you know what im doing wrong.  Thank You 

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:221:]]This is how the main menu looks with these covers no matter what season of true blood. How do I make the other covers show up on the main menu for each season? 


Those covers are actually showing the poster art format for the files. Currently the poster art images will use the main poster image for the series, not for a particular season.

This behavior should be greatly improved once the new Library View is done.

I watched only first season of true blood then after i start watching wife swap tv show.