TV Show Library Issues

I have an issue on my ATV4K where two TV shows are not handled properly in Infuse (latest version).

Deleted show stuck in database

One show has been deleted off the server yet is still stuck in my Infuse database and I can’t remove it. I checked on the server and there aren’t any folders or files remaining from that show.

Show missing from database

Another show that I have on my server is not showing up in the Infuse database at all. I checked the filenames and they are in the same format as all other shows on the server. It is just not scanning any.

What steps can I take to try to fix these two issues?

What happens if you try to play one of these episode?

Can you give an copy and paste example of how those files are named?

When trying to play the deleted show, I’d get an error. I went and deleted the metadata from Settings and had it rescan. The deleted show still remained, and the other one would still not show up. Now, however, when trying to play the deleted show, it would start playing the new one. I went to edit the metadata manually and it updated. However, after a refresh, it went back to the wrong title. I edited the metadata one more time, and this time it took. So it seems that it is ok now. Still not sure what happened.

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