TV show keeps showing local metadata

Infuse on my ATV is set to Fetch Metadata and Embedded Metadata is turned off. This works fine for most things but one TV show in particular is misbehaving.

The show keeps forgetting the online metadata and all of the episodes are displayed in a list, rather than being in season “folders”, and the top right of the screen says “Local Metadata”. How can I force this TV show to use online metadata only like everything else does?


Browse to the problem folder, then do a long press on the remote which should bring up a menu and then select the “Use Online Metadata” option.

You probably accidentally switched it to using local metadata at some point but inadvertently do a long press and a normal press.

A long press doesn’t work on that folder, nor or any others in my TV shows folder. If I long press on the TV Shows folder on my favourites list I only get the option to Use Local Metadata.

Yes, it sounds like these folders got tagged as local metadata somehow. This is a feature in Infuse that allows you to use local (generated) metadata for certain folders, while allowing Infuse to fetch online metadata for everything else. This is usually only used for folders that contain things like home videos.

Do you have any folder-based favorites saved on your home screen? If so, you should be able to long-press on these or browse inside and long-press on the folder(s) to locate the ‘Use Online Metadata’ option. (Note: This can also be done on Infuse for iOS if you are using iCloud Sync. Navigate inside your folder, and tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner to reveal this option).

I tried that James but it still reverted. I had a look on my iPad last night and I set that show to “Online metadata” and it appears to have worked.

I think we need the ability to set individual TV shows to online/local by a long press in the ATV app - that doesn’t seem to work as you describe as I can only get the long press menu on the favourites folder.


Great! Glad you got it sorted out.

Currently, local metadata can only be triggered globally or on a folder-by-folder basis.