TV Show Genre Unexpected Behaviour

I am using Infuse with a Plex server and have noticed unexpected behaviour with TV show genres.

TV shows that have the genre set to “Comedy/Drama” (and only “Comedy/Drama”) also show up separately in both the “Comedy” and “Drama” genres. The same thing happens with “Action/Adventure” shows also showing up in the “Adventure” genre (although not in “Action”).

This does not happen with movies, only with TV shows. And this does not happen in Plex, just Infuse.

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Please view this thread and lend your support.

TV genres are broken for users of vanilla Infuse, apparently by design, and it bothers me to no end.

According to the sole source of Infuse’s metadata, there is no such thing as an “Action” genre, nor an “Adventure” genre. There is only “Action and Adventure”. Ditto with “Sci-FI and Fantasy” and “War and Politics”. (Comedy and Drama are indeed separate genres.)

While I don’t agree, that’s the way it is. TMDB sets the rules. Infuse should respect them.

[Edit]: Corrected first hyperlink.

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