Tv show formatting - what am I doing wrong?

Hi I’m trying to add the wind and the willows to my collection
Named files
But it won’t recognise, the show is listed on thetvdb and the file name is the same as other shows but it won’t show up!

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe nothing, it appears that thetvdb may have made some changes that affect Infuse gathering metadata. Don’t change a bunch of stuff yet. Got a few messages out to see what’s what.

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Thank you! I hope it’s resolved soon! Glad to see I might not be as dumb as I thought ?

Yeah, something’s wrong. Infuse is not fetching any TV for me right now… Trying to add both Spin City and Californication.

Just did a restart again of my ATV and after that, Wind in the Willows found the right metadata from thetvdb. They must be replacing band-aids as fast as they can.

It should work for now. Still watching their changes closely though. :wink:

Thank you! it still had some issues finding it but I got there by finding it in a obscure manual way :slight_smile: all sorted now to thanks!

I’m betting that there’s plenty of strangeness still on the horizon with them so I’m glad it’s working and let us know if you get another stubborn series.

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