TV show formatting to display properly?

could you please post a tutorial on how to arrange files / filenames so the TV shows display properly?
my current setup (which was 100% perfect with ATV flash black/apple tv 2) now displays a mix of “smart” folders (which display very nicely, show proper metedata, etc…) and a bunch of “dumb” folders, which display nothing but the folder name, file names, and a screen shot of each episode… no metadata. i think this is due to the format of my file names… but as far as i can tell, some display properly, and some do not, despite having filenames like this: show name s01e01 720p…

Metadata functions are little slow on infuse at the moment but it’s the first version, i’m sure it’ll get better.

All of the same naming/organization styles supported in the iOS version are available on Apple TV.

Details here.

Was there a specific organization type you were having trouble with?

multiple episodes like sXXeYY-eZZ o whatever it is… not specified

tried some combinations and nothing…

Multiple episodes in a single file are not yet supported.

Multiple episodes in a single file are not yet supported.[/quote]

OK… waiting for it! :slight_smile:

i think i figured out my issue:
if a folder contained any file OTHER than the show’s episodes, the content would not get downloaded properly, and the folder would remain “dumb”.
for example… season 1 of _____ show has a first episode labelled “pilot” rather than S01E01… this “pilot” episode would throw everything out of whack.

James, has this been resolved yet?

Still under investigation. It requires some special handling to ensure we don’t break fetching for other cases.

OK, so can you provide an example of getting THAT to work with the show 24 and season 1 so I don’t get a load of random moview names instead of episode metadata???

Any of those variations should work for 24 as well.

For example, I’ve just tested ‘24 S01E01.mkv’ and it works as expected. Of course, you will want to ensure Metadata Fetching is enabled so Infuse is able to search TheTVDb.

Hi! Any news about it?