TV Show Folder [ATV Flash 2.0]

I update my ATV Flash to version 2.0 the day it came out. Everything is working fine except for one thing. All new TV episodes I add, are being added to the root of the TV show in ATV Flash. All previous TV episodes are OK.

For example:

On my computer, the file structure is like this:

  • TV Shows > Sons of Anarchy > Season 5 > Sons.of.Anarchy.S05E01.mkv

I have attached a picture of the folder structure on my computer.


In ATV Flash, all episodes are stored properly in the same way as above except for the episodes that were added after the upgrade. It now shows like this:

  • TV Shows > Sons of Anarchy > Season 1 > Sons.of.Anarchy.S01E01.mkv
  • TV Shows > Sons of Anarchy > Season 2 > Sons.of.Anarchy.S02E01.mkv
  • TV Shows > Sons of Anarchy > Season 3 > Sons.of.Anarchy.S03E01.mkv
  • TV Shows > Sons of Anarchy > Season 4 > Sons.of.Anarchy.S04E01.mkv
  • TV Shows > Sons of Anarchy > Sons.of.Anarchy.S05E01.mkv

As you can see, I don’t have a “Season 5” folder on the ATV Flash 2.0 and the “Sons.of.Anarchy.S05E01.mkv” episode is showing directly in the root of the Sons of Anarchy folder even though it’s stored in a folder called “Season 5” on the computer in the same way all the other ones are.

This is a new issue since upgrading to v2.0. It may just be a setting. Any help is appreciated.

If there is only one file in a folder Media Player will display it as a file and not a folder.

OK so once I add Sons.of.Anarchy.S05E02.mkv to the folder it will show the folder?


Is there a setting to change so that it shows the folder even if it only contains 1 file?


Thanks in advance jonez!


Not that I know of, I wish there was though!

If you use the new Library view all shows will be organized by series/season no matter which folder they’re in.