TV Show filesnames

For file synced as iTunes Videos by Waltr should I expect Infuse Pro to categorise them correctly ?

The files put to Waltr are of the form - TV Show s01e01 etc

Infuse just treats them as ‘others’ and not a TV Show.

Should this work ? Or do I need to actually put the names files into Infuse itself ?


How are these files named?

In order to pull down proper metadata and organize this correctly Infuse relies on having episodes named in a specific way. A bit more info on the available options can be found here.

TV Show s01e01

That naming style is fine, though I wonder if the filenames are being changed when they are transferred using that app.

You can check the filenames as Infuse sees them by using the ‘Edit’ option located under the 3 dots on the video details page. The filename will be listed at the top of the page.

Can you edit videos transferred to iTunes ? Sorry can’t see that option

Yeah sadly that’s it.

Waltr is making them compatible for the Video, now called TV iOS app ( which is awful ).

When I sent the files directly into the the iPad they showed as a TV show in Infuse, but now in they appears as individual films.

Oh well.