TV Show File Errors

After the 6.3.5 update I came across a problem with some of my TV Show files which are still present after the 6.3.6 update.
Basically some files have the title underneath and others don’t until I highlight them also the files with titles if I do a long click comes up with “Use local Metadata” and the ones without say “Playlists”
Any Ideas?
Images added to show what’s going on.

ATV 4k
iOS 13.4
Wired gigabit SMB connection


It looks like you may be browsing via folders, is that right?

The items with titles underneath are likely folders or folders with multiple seasons inside.

If you browse via the library you will likely have a more consistent experience as folders won’t really come into play.

Hi James,

Thanks for your reply however I find browsing the library a not nice experience.
I do use folders, I have 3, Music, TV and Films. All worked fine until recently, the images sent both contain folders with multiple seasons within, oh and my images are now not working either.
So my structure is:

TV Folder
Series folder eg Star Trek with folder.jpg image
Season folder with folder.jpg image

Images supplied
So the first image is the folders screen
Second image shows TV shows with and without Text
Third image shows a TV show with season folders (incorrect images here)
Fourth image is a different show with season folders