TV Show Extras

Emby works by putting TV season extras in a folder named Season 0. Infuse is pretty amazing, I’ve been throwing ‘stuff’ at it and it’ll do anything but 3D (hardware limitation.) Anyway, the one annoyance I can find right now is that I have thousands of extra TV show mini things. One example is Farscape. So I have this folder structure

Season 0
Season 1
Season 2

When building library, Infuse peaks into Season 0 sees “Morality in Farscape” and picks some 1937 Movie. LOL. Can’t it respect that Morality underneath the Farscape folder isn’t going to be some 1937 movie I stuck in there? Can we have an “ignore” feature for Season 0 Folders or recognize that for Emby users Season 0 is extras and just file them as a Farscape show extra without trying to match Metadata?

Infuse will support special episodes, but you will want to ensure the files still follow the normal season/episode format…just using a season number of 0.

For example, the series Lost has 29 special episodes ( so in order to get the correct info for episode 13 ‘Final Chapter’ you’d want to name the video something like this.


I have similar question for game of thrones

I have bluray copy which has per season extras, now how do I rename those and what folder naming should I do ?

there are many files/videos on bluray which are not in TVdb als

Thanks, James. I understand and agree with your direction. However, Saji is correct. I have 142 Special items from Lost ripped Blu-Rays. 29 from the mapping is a small subset, hence the problem. Infuse will start mapping the other 112 to really obscure things.

Match your extras to the following:

For Lost it is the same thing:

So you would match the extra to the “special” episode number and enter S00Exx where xx is the episode number listed in the above listing.

EDIT: I think I get what you are saying, you are asking about the extras that have not been marked by TVDB. In this case you may need to gather the information and use NFO or XML files for local metadata. I don’t think there is another way since the source DB (TVDB) does not have them listed.

how do we use NFO or XML for local metadata in this case ?