tv show episode posters

Hi eveyone,

I have some trouble getting tv show episodes showing the right episode posters. I have the posters as .jpg files with the exact same names in the same folders as the video files. I don’t think there’s a naming issue, because infuse pulls the right meta data from tvdb like episode description, year and so on. Also when I select the poster manually, it is shown correctly. I could choose the right poster for each episode manually, which would be fine for me BUT the posters disappear after a while again.

Turning off automatic metadata retrieval is not an option because then infuse doesn’t recognise the videos as tvshows any more, and the file view is a huge mess.

It’s so frustrating that it obviously works this way but is just buggy as hell. I took a (long) video of this weird behaviour so that you can see yourselves:

Thanks in advance


Welcome to the forum and sorry for the trouble.

It looks like your video is no longer available, but one thing to keep in mind is that manual artwork for TV shows will be available only while browsing shows in the Library. Accessing these videos in normal folders will show the info provided by TheTVDb. Also, if these images were added after Infuse originally indexed these videos, the new artwork will most likely not appear. You can force Infuse to update your entire library by tapping the ‘Clear all Metadata’ option found in Settings.

If you’re still having trouble, we can definitely look into this further if you are able to provide a bit more info about what you are seeing on your device.

Hi James,

thanks for the quick reply. I tried clearing all metadata but it didn’t work at all. In addition, only one episode is shown for each season now and still with the wrong poster (even after 20 minutes).

Sorry about the video, I uploaded a new one:

All help appreciated, thanks

Just curious, under Settings > General > What do you have “Embedded Metadata” set to?

Second, do you by any chance have “Use Local Metadata” set for the series that is causing problems?

Unfortunately, both options produce all kinds of different results. I tried different combinations in the video above.

Thanks though

I can reproduce weird behavior with both options, but I could not determine any obvious scheme or workaround.

Concerning the video: I use episode posters with the episode names in the pictures so that you can see whether it’s the right one or not. They‘re in German but I think you‘ll see what I mean :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion.

Infuse won’t actually display episode-level artwork on iOS at this time (this is available on tvOS).

The artwork you see in that view is for the season, and should be consistent for all episodes in a particular season. It seems you custom artwork is being displayed for a brief moment before Infuse reverts back to the season artwork.

If you want to override the artwork for seasons, you can follow the steps in this guide.

That’s really sad :frowning:

Unfortunately, one of my kids doesn’t know how to read yet, so season posters won’t help.

Any idea when it will be supported in the future?