TV show drops off Watching list at end of season

I’m new to Infuse and I just noticed that a TV show I was watching dropped off the “Watching” list at end of the season, even though there are more seasons to come. After searching the forum I see that many people raised the same issue, and that it was marked as “solved”.

But from what I read, in order for episode 1 of the next season to appear under “Watching”, I would need to turn on Continuous Playback??? If so, I don’t understand what a Watching list issue has to do with Continuous Playback. These are 2 different features. I have no interest in ever using Continuous Playback, and I’m sure lots of other people feel the same, which is why we’ve been given the choice to turn it on or off in the first place. So to “solve” the Watching list issue by forcing us to turn on a feature we don’t want makes no sense to me.


This is a feature that I am missing since day 1.
At the moment only when you go into the tv show itself (in the library or in your favorite), play for example an episode in season one, then watch season one in one run, season to will automatically play. However, when you stop watching and want to continue from the “watching” list, season two will not play automatically. Strange, I know.
Maybe in one of the next updates we get this “feature”:
Season selector for Up Next List items - Suggestions - Firecore

It sounds like you are talking about an issue with Continuous Playback not working correctly. I don’t use Continuous Playback. I’m talking about a show dropping off the “Watching” list at the end of a season and not displaying episode 1 of the next season.
The feature in the link you posted is a good idea, but that’s another issue entirely.

This is a limitation in the current version, but once grouping of seasons in the Up Next List (linked above by @strwht) is implemented, the next season will be queued up once the prior season has been finished.


Excellent news… thanks!


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