TV show display, movie display coverart

I am close to purchasing the product but have not been able to find any reviews or youtube videos of the product. I’d like to know what the TV show browsing looks like, ie I love XBMC’s banner display of the TV shows, also I’d like to see more of the view option when scrolling through movies…what does it look like, is it a gallery view, half wall etc.

Also is the browsing faster on this than on XBMC…

Am very close to buying it but really there seems to be nothing out there to show me what I’m going to get before I buy it.

Anyway to get a 1 hour demo license or something? Anybody have some reviews or screenshots?


Currently Media Player provides a file-based browsing system. This you can browse through files and folders as you have them setup on your Mac, PC or NAS drive.

Regarding the browsing experience you have two choices: list and grid view.

Grid view:

List view:

Metadata and artwork are downloaded automatically. For TV Shows, episode artwork is shown in List and Grid view, while series artwork would be used for displaying recently watched items in the ‘Top Shelf’ area of the main menu and on the pre-playback screen.

are there any plans to move to a more ‘graphic’ based interface…ie banner artwork? or will this reduce speed.

Is the navigation fast?

There are plans to move to more of an indexed file browsing option, which would allow for more graphic based browsing instead of folder based.

This is currently in the works, but there is no ETA as of yet.