TV Show Display Issues

I currently have a Raspberry Pi running OSMC that I was using for a media center. With a recent purchase of an Apple TV, I decided to download Infuse for tvOS and view my media library from there. I was able to bring over movies with no problem. It’s TV shows that are giving me a fit. I currently have the following structure set up for my shows and seasons/episodes (in the below example, “NameOfEpisode” is the episode name with spaces):

TV Show A - Season 1 -- NameOfEpisode_s01e01.mp4 -- NameOfEpisode_s01e02.mp4 - Season 2 -- NameOfEpisode_s02e01.mp4 -- NameOfEpisode_s02e02.mp4 TV Show B - Season 1 -- NameOfEpisode_s01e01.mp4 -- NameOfEpisode_s01e02.mp4 - Season 2 -- NameOfEpisode_s02e01.mp4 -- NameOfEpisode_s02e02.mp4

When I go to display my TV shows in Grid mode, the shows display with thumbnails. However, when I select a TV show to view, it brings in every single episode in alphabetical order. My expectation is that it would do a further breakdown by season before listing episodes (in order of episode number). I am using local metadata (with each episode having its own .nfo file). Am I missing something here? I would rather not have to go back and rename every single file in my TV library (I have other Raspberry Pi media centers that leverage this existing library, and refreshing the library on the others will be a major hassle).

Now if I switch to viewing the episodes in list mode, the breakdown occurs as I would anticipate. However, once I drill into a folder for a particular season, the episodes are listed in alphabetical order rather than by episode number. Am I missing something here as well?

Any help is appreciated!

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For the sake of science, could you try adjusting the filenames for one of these series/seasons so the episode info is listed before the episode name?



This is more in line with what Infuse is expecting, and should hopefully clear things up.

A complete list of all the naming styles supported by Infuse can be found here.

As suggested by James, you are using a weird naming, one that will cause problems not only for Infuse but with other app as well

I advice you do do the effort to rename all your files, this will ensure compatibility with all apps and be more future proof.
Better still if you use this format
You can have the episode title (if you need to) just before the extension