TV Show Cover Art

I Just upgraded from Version 4 Pro to Version 5 Pro.

1.) it did not sync any of my watched history between the two versions… that’s fine i’ll deal with that

but more importantly

2.) a good majority of the cover art for my tv shows have not appeared. when i select the show from the main screen and enter the next menu to where i would select the season i would like to watch Infuse has properly gathered all the seasons together into “season 1, season 2, etc” and it has found the correct cover art for each season. but lacks finding the cover art for the show on the main screen. how do i do get infuse to get the show cover art… as the same show i have in infuse 4 pro has the cover art but not in infuse 5 pro.

3.) can we not add a watch status flag to the show cover? why must i go into the next submenu to see the watch status
Show Menu (no watch status)
season mean (watch status)
episode menu (watch status)

thanks in advance

Happy to help.

  1. In the future you can use trakt to keep a record of your watched history. Trakt will act as the central sync location, and will allow you to keep watched history in sync with other devices and apps.

  2. The best option for this would be to browse using the Library option. This will allow Infuse to display cover art at all levels, and will generally provide a faster/better experience for getting to the videos you want to watch. A bit more info on customizing Library to fit your needs can be found here. Setting Up Your Library – Firecore

  3. The Library will be the best option for this as well, as watched indicators will be displayed on the season AND series level artwork.

Hello James, thanks for the help with all three of my questions.
as for the first one, it was more of an inconvenience then anything, i have trakt setup now, but it still didn’t carry anything over from previous, but I’m ok with that. it will just take some time to go through it all.

the second still kinda confuses me, the article you linked to was a bit more descriptive in how i’m able to use the customizing more, but really when it comes down to it, a tv show wether its added to infuse as a “favourite” folder or in the “tv show” folder in the library is still a tv show. why would looking at it in one menu vs another be so different.

the third solved this, looking at the different levels is as exactly as described, but yet again why wouldn’t it work when i have the same tv show added under the fav menu,

Also is there a way to disable the “Collections” feature for movies? as Infuse has added many movies into “collections” that in no way belong… for example “jack ryan collection” has Jack Ryan, The Hunt For Red October, The Phantom all under it…

Right, if you just now started using trakt then unfortunately it wouldn’t have any record of the items you previously watched. However, one thing you can do is submit ratings and mark items as watched through the website and those will sync back to Infuse. Not a bad option if you want to get your Infuse library up to date.

Sorry for the confusion. Infuse will display the same metadata whether you are browsing via regular folders, or through the Library. The difference is since the Library is an indexed view, it can aggregate content from multiple sources (like files stored on a Mac, NAS, and Dropbox) and display them in a single place. This also allows us to ensure cover art is displayed at all levels.

With regard to collections, Infuse will group items into collections in the All Movies and Collections views. The idea of having an option to disable collections in All Movies has been suggested by some, and will be something we look at adding in an upcoming version.

sorry, i don’t think i follow your description for the cover art when i have the tvshow folder added as a fav rather then from the library view.
i only have source for all my file. (i just looked onto my info 4 pro app it has all but 5 tv shows with series cover art under the fav menu where infuse 5 pro is missing almost half of my library)

i also looked through many more of the collections of movies that infuse grouped together, 25 of the 78 groups that infuse made has movies that do not belong to the collection. how is one suppose to easily find one of the movies that infuse has incorrectly added??? (infuse 4 pro does not have collections and every movie is incredibly easy to find)

Hmm, can you provide an example or two of a Collection that contains an incorrect movie?

If it’s not too much trouble, you might try updating to 5.5.4 and then using the Clear All Metadata option to have Infuse refetch content for your videos…just to be sure you are using the latest version with iOS 11 fixes.

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Will Trakt also work with non movies like Home videos etc or a show not from the us?

Hello James

some of the collections that are wrong:
Jason Bourne Collection has “hunt for red october” in it
Terminator Collection has “Ghost in a shell” in it
Die hard Collection is missing die hard 3
National Lampoons Collection has “waiting” in it
James bond collection has “never say never again, and the old version of casino royal” (these were never sanctioned bond movies)
Lethal weapon collection has “die hard 3”

I’ve contacted apple for a refund on the purchase of infuse 5 pro, and deleted it from my apple tv 4,
i’ll continue to use infuse 4 pro as it has none of the so called upgrades that you have added that now make my movie and tv show collection so very difficult to use

from what I’ve seen novaac, it will not work for any home movies, it does however support a lot of non USA content, just don’t expected every single animation show from japan for example to be on trakt