TV show cover art not showing a right language one

Hi, I’m having an issue on TV show’s artwork.

I have my TV collection on Plex media server, and Infuse basically fetches metadata for TV shows just fine, but so far I added three TV shows on Plex, and one TV show’s series artwork fetched a wrong language one. In Infuse settings I’ve already set the metadata language to English, and I have tried Clear All Metadata and reloading the server, directories etc. on Infuse, and it always fetches the different language’s artwork for this TV show. Season artwork for this TV show is one with a right language, English one, only series artwork is in a wrong language.

My assumed understanding for how Infuse fetches artwork, is that it fetches a poster for the series or season that appears first on the TVDB’s series/season database, I suppose like the most popular one among posters for the series/season or something. Telling from which posters Infuse had fetched for other TV shows. But just specifically for this TV show, it fetched the different language one, which is like a fourth one among the series’ poster on the TVDB.


As a reference, posters for Humans on the TVDB:

[ the screenshot image link wasn’t working, edited. ]

Hmm, that’s interesting. I’ve just tried it here and it seems to be working as expected.



What artwork is shown if you view the series in Plex?