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Hi @james ,

since a few days, I don’t know why, I guess it’s related to my custom collections, the order in my TV shows is broken.
As you can see on my screenshots, it starts correctly alphabetically, but then order is getting broken, I think it starts to be broken at my custom “Breaking Bad” collection (which contains “Breaking Bad”, “Better Call Saul” and “El Camino”, altough “Akte X” which is before is also a custom collection (which contains the “X Files Movies” and the show). From “Breaking Bad” until “The Boondocks” (which is not a collection), there are all custom collections.
Any idea?

From “The Boondocks” on the order is alphabetically again.

(All marked posters are custom collections)

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Hi @james ,

7.4.2 didn’t solve this problem.

My support code is:


What is your ‘Sort By’ option in Settings set to?

By title.

Can you send in a report from your device and post the code here?

Settings > Submit Diagnostics



Reconnected my internet yesterday, and Infuse updated to 7.4.2 (4192) overnight and has completed updating and syncing with iTunes.

My collections list is a mess.

By what logic are collections alphabetized?

Showing ONLY collections created by TMDB, things are a less chaotic, but still a bit odd-ball.

The collection titled “The Space Odyssey Collection” is alphabetized as if by the title of the first film in the collection — 2001: A Space Odyssey — which is correct no matter how you define “first” — either chronologically or alphabetically of all the films in the collection (the other film is “2010”) … so that appearing after the “300 Collection” is understandable.

But these aren’t:

The “Open Water Collection” is placed in front of the “Airplane Collection” seemingly only because the SECOND film in the former series is titled “Adrift: Open Water 2”. The first film (for which the Collection is named) is titled “Open Water”. The third film is titled “Open Water: Cage Dive”. This collection should be alphabetized under “O” (Open Water).

Next up, immediately after the “Alien Collection”, is the “Prometheus Collection”. While that is ideal placement given TMDB not allowing collections except in the case of ‘true sequels’ (which makes you wonder how they ever approved an “Open Water” collection in the first place) and this at least keeps the Alien and Prometheus films together …. How is it alphabetized? By the title of the second film (“Alien: Covenant”) again?

Similarly, immediately after the Tim Burton “Batman Collection” is found “The Dark Knight Collection”. But this one seems to be alphabetized by the first title in the collection (“Batman Begins”). The other two films both begin with “The Dark Knight”.

Oddly, the two Batman collections are immediately followed by the “Man of Steel” collection — which is obviously a Superman-themed collection. This one seems to be alphabetized by the 2nd film in the collection — “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Why?

Next to jump out is the “Almighty Collection”. Alphabetized, presumably, based on the first film — “Bruce Almighty”. Okay.

But that just confuses because down a bit further in the “C”s is the “Jack Ryan Collection” …which TMDB has decided should include the two Harrison Ford films, plus Alec Baldwin’s “The Hunt for Red October” — which was the first Jack Ryan film to be released. Not included are the subsequent two Jack Ryan films (with two new actors playing the role), a Jack Ryan television series (staring the fifth different actor to tackle the role), and yet another movie featuring a major character from the franchise.

The first Harrison Ford Jack Ryan film was 1992’s “Patriot Games”. The second (and last released of the films making up TMDB’s “Jack Ryan Collection”) was “Clear and Present Danger”. Why is the “Jack Ryan Collection” alphabetized under “Clear and Present Danger”? Are we really just going with whichever film in a collection would have come first, alphabetically?

If so, why is the “James Bond Collection” alphabetized as if under the name “Bond”? No Bond films begin with the letter B. Hmmm… maybe we are alphabetizing by the file names? (I did name my Bond films in the fashion of “Bond 01 - Dr. No (1962)”. I’m not displaying file names in Infuse, but I am sorting by filename. Hmmm.

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Okay. I figured something out. Tagging: @james Diagnostic CY9FS

If you set Infuse to globally sort by title, then both TMDB and Custom collections are sorted by Collection Title (ignoring the titles of films inside the collection: “Dark Knight Collection” is alphabetized under Ds, “James Bond Collection” under J, as expected).

If you globally sort by filename, TMDB Collections will sort by the name of whichever file in that collection comes first alphabetically. Weird. But predictable.

It’s weird because if you’re going to ignore the Collection name and instead alphabetized the Collection based on just the title of one of the films inside it, you’d think you would want to choose the one that came first, chronologically. It makes no sense to alphabetize the “The Jack Ryan Collection” under C.


The Problem occurs when you have Custom Collections AND Infuse is told to sort by “Filename”. Custom Collections sort completely randomly. As far as I can tell, neither Collection titles, film titles, nor filenames have any bearing on the issue.

Here are some Custom Collections, with the setting set to sort by Title:

Here are the same collections when sorted by Filename:

What’s the internal database filename of a Custom Collection? Because maybe it’s using that.


And oh my gods, my auto-generated posters are hideous!! I appreciate the effort, but … ick. If you’ve got just the right collection, you might get lucky. But most of these are so unattractive I’d rather a blank generic icon than these monstrosities. Yeah, I’m definitely not going to be showing Custom collections on my Home Screen, even when they do start alphabetizing sensibly.


This should be fully resolved in today’s 7.4.3 update.

We’ve also adjusted how collection sorting is handled when using sort by filename.

Thanks for your patience.

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Thank you, seems to be fixed. Have a nice week!


Cool! Thanks. Looking forward to checking if out.

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