TV Series Sorting by DVD order not Aired

Not always. DVD episodes do not always align with the air date. True story. That’s why I use smart lists in Plex sorted by air date and these are pulled through to infuse, one of the big things that could motivate me to finally ditch Plex.

So you’re wanting a “Sort By DVD” order, not “Aired” order correct?

I believe the default is DVD i.e. by episode. In this case I believe the request is release/air date.

Can you give an example of a tv series where Infuse does a DVD order instead of the Air Date?

Sure, i have avengers earth mightiest heroes, the DVD release was sorted differently from release date, infuse lists season by episode date, see below,

Release date is 24 October. Listed first.

Release date is 20 October.

I believe the release date setting only works at the season level and not episodes.

Could you also provide the file names you’re using for those two episodes?

Just trying to duplicate what you’re seeing.

Check bottom of screenshots.


DUH, I had my cursor over the pic and when you do that you get a info banner across the pic and that covers the names. Sorry bout that.

It’s OK, before you go on, don’t wish to hijack the thread. The initial request was for release date sorting at the show level.

I split it out to it’s own thread.

I just did a test with the following file names and structure and it’s coming up in the correct aired order for me.

I don’t have plex, this is what Infuse pulled by itself. Is it possible that Plex is using the DVD order and sending it to Infuse?

I get you however, two things…

  1. The tagging is using air date. Which is very possible. If you DVR ripped the show and tagged the episodes they would appear in that order.
  2. If you do a DVD rip on the other hand. The episodes are tagged using the DVD order.

The solution would be regardless if whether you have a DVD rip or a DVR rip, it should sort according to the airdate in the tags. This is what Plex does natively, which I believe Infuse does not. Ergo if I set infuse to arrange using release date, it should use the tagged air date, not the episode order. The sort by release date does not apply to TV shows on infuse. See below. These TV shows are sorted by release date in Plex…

Just to clarify the above. See below:

So you’re not talking about the air date of episodes, you’re talking about premier air date for the series and being able to see the list of TV shows (not their individual episodes) in the order of their premiers correct?

Talking about both actually, infuse settings do not take at either level.

Well they do for episodes, but if you’re telling infuse to use the TVDB (DVD) order then that’s what Infuse will use, if you want true “aired date” sorting then maybe you should tell plex to use the TVDB (aired date).

There is a thread in the suggestion forum that is requesting Infuse have the choice of which order to follow for episodes, aired, dvd, absolute, etc. but I would believe that would be a global Infuse setting not for just specified series. That’s strictly a guess though.

As to the series displaying by premier date, that’s what I believe we’ve narrowed down in the other thread.

Just to make sure we are all talking about the same thing, I use the term “Premier Date” to reference the date the TV series first aired. (which usually should be the air date of the very first episode)

I use the term “Aired Date” to relate to the date a TV series episode first aired.

The reason I split your section out to this separate thread is your post was DVD order vs aired being displayed in Infuse.

I think we’re not getting each other. I have no problem with tagging, I use Plex for tagging, and quite frankly use to achieve the ordering of series, I think i mentioned it before. The thread that exists has to do with how infuse tags episodes if I am not mistaken, not how it displays and sequences episode for playback.

The issue is when you set infuse to sort media by release date, then the playback sequence and sorting should be done by air/release date. I shared an example of a series where the episodes do not follow a chronological air date order and demonstrated that infuse does not respect that order but resorts to sort one 1,2,3…. 10 sorting , when actually epsiode 3 aired before episode 1 etc. I.e. air date order is episode 3,4,1,2 etc. I do not know how else I can address the issue. My primary issue is episode sorting date by air date in display and playback sequence.

Can you change the below to TheTVDB (Aired)?

Hi @NC_Bullseye, I think let’s leave this issue well alone. I have a working solution and do not see many users being affected by this. I am not emotional about it at all, let’s just close this thread at this.

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