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a couple of days ago i had to rebuild my metadata database caused by some changes on my server (file structure was not altered). Now i am experiencing some odd behavior in the artwork for seasons on some tv shows. Previously the artwork-style of the season of one show matched each other. Now, after the rebuild, the artwork-style does not match. I attached some screenshots to make the problem more clear.

I am on ipadOS and language is set to english.

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The way I understand it is Infuse will pull the artwork from TheTVDB that has the highest favorites vote for your selected language so the ones you’re seeing are the most voted for and if not favorited by anyone I think they choose the most recent addition. You can join too and upvote your favorites and often your vote may change the one with highest vote count.

Also TheTVDB recently went through a MAJOR database update and they may have switched out some artwork and added new.

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Thats it. Seems they deleted all “upvotes” for the posters and infuse or thetvdb favours the oldest poster. Upvoted the poster yesterday. An immediate refresh of infuse still gave me the old posters. But today i gave it another try and now infuse gets my favoured posters.

Thanks for your help

Good deal!

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