TV Series Naming

I am very confused even after reading the documentation on naming TV series.

I migrated to Infuse from Plex Cloud, so I am currently using the same naming convention as Plex:

SeriesName/Season 01/SeriesName - S01E01
SeriesName/Season 01/SeriesName - S01E02
SeriesName/Season 02/SeriesName - S02E01


Doing this, when looking at favorites with grid view, The series artwork would show up, but the name would say “Season 01” instead of the name of the show. Did I do something wrong with the naming?

I tried removing the Season directory, but the result is the same.

Things are fine in the Library view, but how come the favorites behaves differently from the library?

Infuse won’t rename folders while browsing via a folder based favorite. Since the Library is an indexed view we have a bit more flexibility with regard to how things are named/organized.

One thing you may try is creating a favorite from the Library for your TV shows. This will allow you to access these directly without having to click through the actual Library icon. A bit more info on how this works can be found here. Setting Up Your Library – Firecore

I see. Is there anyway I can create my own library categories? If not, I hope this is being considered for future release?

Sure, you can add your own genre tags to movies/shows using XML files as described here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

These new genres would then appear in the Library, and you can create Favorites from them.

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May have already been answered so apologies. What do you do for naming ISO files with more than one episode in? For example a DVD ISO old Doctor Who 2015 contains episodes 1 to 4?

Support for multi-episode files is not currently available, but is on our roadmap to add in an upcoming version.

Wow that is awesome! I had no idea that adding custom genre tags to your xml files will actually create those genre tags within Library View. So cool!

I also have some problems, coming from Kodi. Their Scraper can do more it looks like. Instead of s01e15 115 or 0115 is possible.

The folder name isn’t also taking into account. Example: Z Nation/Season 1/abc-znation-s01e03.mkv isn’t recognized. If I delete abc- your scraper does find the information.

Perhaps you can tune this a bit.

Some shows have a pilot episode or a “special” during a season. These are usually numbered as episode 00, as in:

It would be helpful if Infuse recognized these.

Infuse does recognize them but it has to be with the file name and season and episode numbers that thetvdb assigns which is usually something like “S00E01”

Specials usually carry a season of “00” and then an episode number. An example would be “The.Walking.Dead.S00E01.Season.1.Sneak.Peak.MKV”

Here’s an example of how thetvdb shows them.

I’m still a bit confused after reading the tvdb rules. But, based on what you said, I’m sure a bit of experimenting on my end will solve this. Thanks.

If you can provide a sample file name you’re having issues with maybe I can help you out.

I have it working now.

It appears that the “specials” have to go in their own folder. But if a special belongs to a particular season, and I put it in that season folder, the graphic for the season folder disappears and the folder is out of order on the screen. This also means that you can’t always tell which season a special belongs to.

For example, consider The Shield. Special 4 belongs at the beginning of Season 6, but instead it had to go into the Specials folder. Graphics all look good, but I can’t tell which season Special 4 belongs to or where it falls within the season.

Just saying. This does not occur often enough to be a big deal.

I too use TV Show Specials, so Id like to ask you…

I assume you use "S00Exx” for file names, but what about for the folder they are in? Do you name that folder “Season 00” or “Specials”…?

Yes, s00exx for file names. You need to look up the number of each special on thetvdb. I think I tried naming the folder for these files both “Season 00” and “Specials”. Infuse recognized it either way, if I recall. I finally decided just to go with “Specials”.


I love the ISO feature; am anxious for support for multi episode TV show discs.

Just wanted to see if we had any progress with this.


Anyone have a suggestion for file names for Columbo Season 10? Season 1 to 9 work great for me with Columbo_SxxEyy but Season 10 was a series of Mystery movies… and S10Eyy just gave me a generic "Columbo"for each episode with no other info. I tried the movie name…didn’t work, then I tried S00 and the name…didn’t work .

Are you getting any metadata for season 10 other than artwork being generic? TheTVDB shows a season 10 with 6 episodes so it should be able to get that with the “Columbo S10E01.mkv” naming conviction.

It shows the season here