TV Series Metadata Problem

My Files are arranged

TV Series

Series Name

Season 1
individual files labelled correctly

Season 2

I updated the metadata with the correct series from the database. Infuse then groups the individual files into a single series entry

My problem is I then go into a different series and the metadata has updated itself to the other series Metadata

For example
Update Meta on The Clone Wars series - open Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip and d Infuse has changed this to the Clone Wars

Any Suggestions

I have my TV series setup this way as well in example folder: “Lost” folder: “Season 1” file: “E01-Pilot” It downloads meta data for random stuff. I would like to fix this.

The episode itself needs to have the title and the season of the show for it to work - like this: “Lost S01E01-Pilot”.

Look up Filebot if you have a lot of files that needs changing…

First thing I checked. All labelled correctly and in the folder structure as on the article.

The one thing you can do is edit the meta data yourself. Click edit on a episode, it will already have the tv show or movie populated for you, just pick the correct year and DVD cover. My wife did this for a lot of our 6TB collection of TV shows and movies. Now she says we have our own netflix!lol