TV Series - “In progress" episode playback


When watching tv series, I ususally skip the credits at the end of an episode. Unfortunately, infuse remembers these episodes as “in progress” and offers to resume playback of these episodes.

I suggest to let the user decide which “in progress episode” of a season is offered for playback: The first one or the last one.

In the scenario above the last one is correct because that’s actually the episode the user has stopped watching.


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I have the opposite problem. I stop and start playback a lot - a side-effect of having a young baby - and it often marks something as watched when there are a few minutes left to watch. It’s a real pain having to select the previous episode and scroll to approx the last viewed position 2 or 3 times a day.

I think your suggestion would fix both problems.

btw - maybe use a watched indicator that is more visible, as mentioned on a few other threads.