TV Series gone from Up Next List

We’ve been watching a TV series with 3 seasons and it was in the Up Next list on the top of the home screen until we finished the first season and then it disappeared from the up next list even when we have unwatched seasons left.

Should a show with multiple seasons stay in the up next list when you complete watching a season with more to go?

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Not yet, but this is on our radar.


Thanks James! We don’t usually have a series with multiple seasons and it was just odd to me when it went poof.

Glad they’ll stay in the up next list between seasons in the future. :+1:

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Any chance we can get this to happen if a new episode/season is added? To clarify: I finish watching a season and a week later the next season is added, it would be great if that was back on my up next list. Similarly if I am missing the next episode and that’s added, it would pop back into the up next. Basically want the “up next” list to actually be a list of things currently being watched.

I started a suggestion for Smart Playlists that do exactly this.

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