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Hi my first post here!.

I don’t know why the program won’t fetch the main imagines for most of the TV series I have except the 3 at the bottom (see screenshot). These are the main folders in my TV Show folder on an NAS. But inside each folder, image for each season is shown (see sample for 24). The only “common” thing about the 3 shows that do show images I can think of is that they are all one season mini-series, all files are in the root folder. Nevertheless, I tried moving all seasons of Black mirror into the root folder and still doesn’t work.

Edit: the screenshots are of Infuse on MacOS. on ATV, the default “TV Shows” generated by Infuse will show each TV show’s artwork. But the “TV Shows” favorite that I created when I added it to the library it’s the same as the screenshot here, only 3 shows have images. I have my account sync’ed with iCloud.

First thing to try, change the seasons folder name from “24 - Season 1” to just “Season 1” and so on for each season.

Edit to add: It looks like you’re using a Mac for file management so don’t forget it has a GREAT batch file renaming feature. :wink: It’s saved my bacon many times.

that totally worked, and batch rename is a godsend.

thanks so much!

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Outstanding! Glad it helped. :+1:

so looks like all worked except this one show. Again, only the root folder not pulling metadata from TVDB. everything else seems to work ok. I tried taking out the year (2012), which didn’t make a difference.

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 3.07.50 PM
Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 3.07.59 PM

Can you do a file/directory screen cap for this series like you did 24?

I tried putting it “Season 1” and “Specials” Folder, didn’t work either.

here is the TVDB link

On this one take the year off of the series folder name so it’s only “The New Normal”

Then, if the poster doesn’t show, go to one of the episodes and do an “Edit” and reselect the correct series. I just tested it and it’s all good.

Also you should probably create a “Season 00” folder for the special episode and a “Season 1” for the first season.

You are the best!!!

Thanks :wink: If you run across any more problem series let us know.

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