TV series folder artwork missing

We’ll take a look. Thanks.

Edit: I just tested this here with the attached structure, and I do get artwork for the Blindspot folder when browsing via FIles.

Can you try using the Edit option on an episode from one of the affected series? Doing this will reload metadata/artwork which may help.

Looks like Blindspot’s working, actually. Apologies for listing that one.

I’ve tried going in and editing, that isn’t working, unfortunately.

Tried with Breakout Kings, Human Target and Jack Ryan

For all three, when I go into the folder in Infuse it shows the right artwork for Season 1 / Season 2, etc. but the folder that houses only that show, doesn’t show. See attached

Would it be possible to get a screen print of how you have the folders and episodes named like James did?

Adding here, but it isn’t useful information. It is no different than any of the other shows on that screen. As described previously: ShowName\Season #\show.S##E##…or show - 101 -

Human Target
Jack Ryan

If you’re up to trying an experiment, try changing the name of the Human Target folder to “Human Target 2010” and change the Jack Ryan folder to “Tom Clancys Jack Ryan”

So, that actually worked for both of those titles.

Breakout Kings, and X Company it did not, though.

I’ve tried both combinations. e.g.

  • Filename is: Breakout.Kings.S01E01
  • Tried: “Breakout Kings” and “Breakout Kings 2011”

If you can provide a screen cap like you did with the other two for these I’ll hammer on it a blt for Breakout Kings and X Company.

It’s the only way we can see the more than 5000 series chapters and some films that don’t recognize Infuse.

I’ve erased and installed Infuse many times if you look at the forum, you’ll see I’ve already discussed it years ago, it happened from version v5 from the forward version.

Many well-known chapters and films were passed to “others”.

Everyone has the right renowned format with Tinymama Manager and his .nfo

Catch version 6.4 The new version 6.4.1 is not working.

This issue went away with the 6.4.1 update, but is now back with the 6.4.2 update. Though, this time, it’s not every show, but just some.

I wasn’t going to update because things were working well enough with 6.4.1, but I found a bug with custom Favorite icons. I was hoping the 6.4.2 update fixed it, but it didn’t.

Could you elaborate a little on what you’re seeing? Are you getting a random screen cap from one of the episodes or an incorrect poster or a blank icon? Since it’s not as many can you provide the name of one of the problem series?

It’s not the series that’s the problem. Instead of the folder poster being present, it’s back to the folder icon that showed up a few updates ago.

Isn’t that the same pic you posted almost 2 weeks ago?

Are some of the series displaying their posters correctly?

We’ve got 2 different threads that have seemed to morph between movie and tv posters issues and different symptoms so it’s getting a little convoluted as to which problem is with which group.

Just FYI the 6.4.2 release was a single problem fix for those that were having issues with Infuse crashing on start up. I believe there are further fixes coming for the overall poster issue in the next release or so.

Just wanted to put an update / lessons learned that could help with future development:

  • The main directory that houses a show needs to match the name precisely to the file names.this is most notably an issue when file names include the year of the show, or if you shorten the name (e.g. not including “The” at the start)
  • If seasons are broken into sub directories, there are limitations on their naming. I didn’t try all variants but, for example, Season 01 will work fine, but Season 01 (1080p) won’t work right
  • For auto finding of shows be sure to name precisely again. Agents of Shield as a directory won’t be found whereas “Marvels Agents of Shield” will work
  • Some shows just don’t seem to work. (Upstairs, Downstairs) for example…but of all the shows I had…only 5-6 couldn’t be auto generated and required me to download a folder.jpg.

But, everything seems to working now, so thank you for your help and I hope the above helps.

Thanks for following up, that really helps!

Yes, this is the same photo. I just copied it from the thread instead of taking and uploading a photo of the exact same issue.

Regardless of what was in the update, the problem went away for a bit and now it’s back.

FYI, I did post this in the wrong thread. I got turned around and clicked on the wrong one once I logged in.

Of course. I haven’t tried 6.4.2 (or at least I haven’t told it to download yet). Will report if it resurfaces.

The one oddity about the Sub folder thing is this: When I go into the show’s folder…it’ll recognize all the different seasons (regardless of what the sub folders are called), but the show’s folder / Icon, won’t update. It feels odd that the code would pick up the seasons (i suppose it is ignoring the folder names / sees they’re all the same show) but the primary folder for the show doesn’t get updated.

Oh! Almost forgot. One other thin.

File naming conventions matter. Needs to be show name SXXEXX etc to work. I used to name things “Show Name - XXX - Episode Name.” Infuse can’t make sense of that. Example being Futurama - 101 - The Show Has Landed.mp4. Won’t work, but Futurama S01E01 The show has landed, will. I don’t know if it is the dashes, or the S/E missing.

Just FYI, 6.4.2 was a release to solve a single issue. It was to fix a situation where some users were experiencing crashing on launch. No other features were added per the release notes.

Can I suggest you take a look at

A lot of what you are saying is there. Two things that may help…

  • If seasons are fine but a series folder isn’t, that immediately tells me that I’m not being consistent with my naming. Sometimes, I need to change the folder name…sometimes, it’s a bit of a test but it may be the file names that need to change to match the folder (but not often)…particularly with programs that can get confusing…like The Office US and UK etc
  • If you’ve put the comma in Upstairs, Downstairs…remove it. Leave out punctuation

Another thing, those who are still having poster issues you may want to hang on a bit longer since it appears that 6.4.3 which should be releasing soon has some changes in the poster area.

That’s very helpful. thank you! It’s a little odd that Show Name / Any Folder / All Files here, works, but Show Name / Multiple Folders with Any Name / Each Season’s Files per folder, doesn’t. But it gives me guidelines to work with!