TV series folder artwork missing

Apologies for the cryptic title, but quite literally this update has screwed almost everything up.

Artwork is no longer consistently downloaded. Folders that used to have the main artwork for the show, no longer shows…and since folder names aren’t shown, I have no clue what it is without selecting it.

The queue/what was recently watched is no longer showing, at all, in the iPhone app. It is just grayed out.

I have multiple devices connected, and none of the metadata is shared across them even with iCloud Sync on.

Video playback is fine, that’s great. But all the things that make this more than a simplistic video player is broken.


Thank you for the update. It hasn’t fully resolved the issue it seems, at least for me. While now it’ll always show the artwork is there’s a folder.jpg. There’s still a large number of my shows that aren’t showing the primary cover art.

E.g. Imagine a Folder for Action TV Series. A sub-folder for Jack Ryan and then two sub folders for Season 1 and 2. If I go into Jack Ryan, it finds the show, it pulls it through and shows me the artwork for both seasons. BUT…if I go back to the Action TV Folder/listing, I see no artwork.

A few notes to help with troubleshooting:

  1. The folders only have videos, and all the videos are recognized (e.g. no random files that can’t be determined to cause trouble).
  2. It works right for other shows, though

Some examples that aren’t working (many more out there, but here’s some)

  • Breakout kings
  • Human Target
  • Jack Ryan
  • X Company

Just to clarify, are you referring to a list of TV show genres on the home screen like this?

If so, you can try refreshing the artwork for these by long-pressing on the category and selecting Refresh Artwork.


No. I don’t use the library function at all.

Here is the setup.

  • main page has a series of favorites
  • favorites are folders in network shares
  • Those folders are then organized
  • example structure:
    • Series
    • Action
    • Jack Ryan
    • Season 1, 2, etc
  • I have folder.jpgs in all “groupings” (series, action) and this works right now
  • I don’t have a folder.jpg in Jack Ryan
  • it shows no art work for the Jack Ryan grouping, but does for the seasons when I go into that folder
  • This is happening to about 10-20% of my shows. But others work fine: Eg Leverage

I have tested this post 6.4.1. I’ll keep an eye out, in case it resolves itself. But so far hasnt

Got it.

Was this working in previous versions?

Generally, when using folders (and not the library) things will be a big more inconsistent, as (for performance reasons) Infuse will not always try to display artwork at every level simply because it can slow down folder loading quite a bit.

Have you thought about using the library and creating a Favorite for the ‘By Genre’ item? Doing this would give you a single item for all your series like you have now, and inside would be the genre groupings.

Yes, it has been working in the previous versions without much issue at all (for a couple of years). I haven’t done anything with genre groupings for my TV Shows. I’ve got a pretty standard setup for those: TV Show Name/Season #/TV Show Name S01E01 and that’s been working great for me.

Up until 6.4 this all worked fine

We’ll take a look. Thanks.

Edit: I just tested this here with the attached structure, and I do get artwork for the Blindspot folder when browsing via FIles.

Can you try using the Edit option on an episode from one of the affected series? Doing this will reload metadata/artwork which may help.

Looks like Blindspot’s working, actually. Apologies for listing that one.

I’ve tried going in and editing, that isn’t working, unfortunately.

Tried with Breakout Kings, Human Target and Jack Ryan

For all three, when I go into the folder in Infuse it shows the right artwork for Season 1 / Season 2, etc. but the folder that houses only that show, doesn’t show. See attached

Would it be possible to get a screen print of how you have the folders and episodes named like James did?

Adding here, but it isn’t useful information. It is no different than any of the other shows on that screen. As described previously: ShowName\Season #\show.S##E##…or show - 101 -

Human Target
Jack Ryan

If you’re up to trying an experiment, try changing the name of the Human Target folder to “Human Target 2010” and change the Jack Ryan folder to “Tom Clancys Jack Ryan”

So, that actually worked for both of those titles.

Breakout Kings, and X Company it did not, though.

I’ve tried both combinations. e.g.

  • Filename is: Breakout.Kings.S01E01
  • Tried: “Breakout Kings” and “Breakout Kings 2011”

If you can provide a screen cap like you did with the other two for these I’ll hammer on it a blt for Breakout Kings and X Company.

It’s the only way we can see the more than 5000 series chapters and some films that don’t recognize Infuse.

I’ve erased and installed Infuse many times if you look at the forum, you’ll see I’ve already discussed it years ago, it happened from version v5 from the forward version.

Many well-known chapters and films were passed to “others”.

Everyone has the right renowned format with Tinymama Manager and his .nfo

Catch version 6.4 The new version 6.4.1 is not working.

This issue went away with the 6.4.1 update, but is now back with the 6.4.2 update. Though, this time, it’s not every show, but just some.

I wasn’t going to update because things were working well enough with 6.4.1, but I found a bug with custom Favorite icons. I was hoping the 6.4.2 update fixed it, but it didn’t.

Could you elaborate a little on what you’re seeing? Are you getting a random screen cap from one of the episodes or an incorrect poster or a blank icon? Since it’s not as many can you provide the name of one of the problem series?

It’s not the series that’s the problem. Instead of the folder poster being present, it’s back to the folder icon that showed up a few updates ago.

Isn’t that the same pic you posted almost 2 weeks ago?

Are some of the series displaying their posters correctly?

We’ve got 2 different threads that have seemed to morph between movie and tv posters issues and different symptoms so it’s getting a little convoluted as to which problem is with which group.

Just FYI the 6.4.2 release was a single problem fix for those that were having issues with Infuse crashing on start up. I believe there are further fixes coming for the overall poster issue in the next release or so.