TV-series by season, not by episode

Hello. I started with Infuse couple of weeks ago. Now when I add series I add them in a map by season. I created a playlist called “Series” and put the series there by season. But infuse is showing them by episode. When I add a serie with lots of seasons, it gives a messy impression. Is it possible to only show the title and season number and when I click on a particular season it will show the episodes?
Or do I have to create a separate playlist for every season of every serie? (I hope not)
Until recently I worked with Plex and there the series were nicely separated by season.


If the TV Show episode files are named according what infuse can handle, than the shows are organized automatically. in the library the show appears with a poster. if you click on it, than the seasons appear with a poster for each season. and if you click on the season than all episodes for that season appear. no need to create any playlist.

You can even put all files for the show with multiple seasons into one single folder in the file system.

Have a look here: