TV series artwork

The erratic artwork thread has thrown this issue into sharper focus for me.

The issue: I have Infuse Pro 6.3.5 on my iPad and on ATV 4. But TV series artwork fetching has two consistent bugbears.

Naming: I have a directory called (say) “Star Trek”. In there, I have a file called folder.jpg and three directories (Season 1, 2, 3). In Season 1 I have S1 episodes, and a file “season 1-poster.jpg”. That naming and structure convention is one I use for all TV series I have.

For the most part this works. However, (1) folder.jpg in parent directory never gets recognised (eg Caprica, BSG, GoT), and (2) In addition, and for one particular series (Spiral (2005), French), season artwork isn’t recognised. Every other piece of season artwork I have is recognised, but not this one!

Any ideas what is peculiar about this series, or suggestions to force the first issue?


For TV series, the naming conventions for artwork a little bit different than normal movies or folders, and overriding things like season or series artwork requires having things organized with a particular structure.

From the Metadata 101 guide

Episode poster
seriesname/season 1/episodefilename.jpg

Season poster
seriesname/season 1-poster.jpg

All Seasons poster

Series poster (available only while using Library)

Series fanart

Once you have added the images in this way, you can use the Edit option one an episode from the series, reselect the correct series title, and the new artwork should appear.

Give this a try and see how it goes.