TV Seasons - Why Doesn't the Watched Status Update?

What I mean by the above does not relate to the individual Watched/Unwatched status.

Scenario 1 - I upload a full season of a program to infuse - lets say 12 episodes. It’s scanned and it shows the entire season as unwatched on the progress pie icon (progress bar in Infuse 7). I watch 3 and the pie/bar updates to show that I’ve watched a quarter of the season. But…

Scenario 2 - I don’t have the full season as it’s only being released 1 episode a week. So I have my folder - let’s say “Queen of the South”, Sub Folder “Season 5”. I’ve added and watched episodes 1 - 4 so it’s fully watched. When I upload S05E05 into the folder, the episode is found, scanned etc but the progress pie/bar does not reset to show that I’ve watched 80% - theres no pie/bar so at a glance I’ve watched the lot when I fact there is an unwatched episode.

Are you browsing these shows via the Library or folders?

During the next scan, Infuse should see the new episodes and group them together with the existing ones…and then show the correct watched progress for the season.

@james I don’t use the Library - too many clicks to get to what I want. On the Home Screen top bar beneath Favourites from left to right I have Library, Movies and TV Shows.

As an example after I open Infuse I’ll generally wait a few seconds until the scan is complete then click TV Shows. For Queen of the South (just an example as it does this with all shows where I add an episode at a time) the cover will have no progress icon - fully viewed. Clicking it to bring the Season 5 image will result in the same no progress icon - fully viewed. However once I click the season the new episode will be there as it should be. This isn’t an issue that arrived with version 7 - it’s always been like that since I first got my ATV4K and put Infuse on it about 18 months ago.

PS Is the new layout here to stay? - because having to navigate to the cast and episodes that are off the bottom of the screen is not good!

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So today I noticed the new “7” logo for Infuse 7.0.1 as I switched to the Apple TV. I moved across Queen of the South S05E06 to the Season 5 folder and let the scan run. It now works as it should. I’d previously watched episodes 1 - 5 so there was no bar, adding the episode made the bar reappear and indicating 83% viewed. Sorted

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