TV Seasons into Folders Show no Cover Art

Still having trouble with folders on infuse not showing artwork. If i have two seasons of a show in a folder, that folder is blank and shows no cover art. Only when drill into that folder it shows the seasons separated with artwork. For example, i have episodes of the show “Broad City” from two seasons. I have no subfolders. Just episodes from season 1 and 3.

For other shows with only one season, the folders show artwork when i go into my tv shows favorite. They work fine.

That’s expected right? Regardless of TV shows or movies, if a folder has more than one seasons or movies, it won’t show artwork, but you can make one and name it as folder.jpg.

For TV shows you should use the following folder structure

TV Show 1
       Season 1
             Episodes from S1 here
       Season 2
             Episodes from S2 here
       Season 3
             Episodes from S3 here
TV Show 2
       Season 1
             Episodes from S1 here
       Season 2
             Episodes from S2 here
       Season 3
             Episodes from S3 here

That way you will have a main TV poster for the show, and individual posters for each season

Dosen’t see folder covers on ATV at all.

I tried the following:

Series Folder ← no cover
-Season 1 ← no cover
Season 2 ← no cover


Series Folder ← no cover

With both methods I only see the grey folder icon.
Inside the folder the cover art ist correct.


Lets say you have a top folder “House of Cards” with subfolders like “Season 1”, “Season 2”, “Season 3” and so on make sure that the single episodes have EXACT the top folder name as part of the file name, e.g. “House of Cards_S1E01_Chapter1”. As soon as the first part differs from the top folder name it doesn’t work anymore.

Strange, I don’t need to include the show name in the episode file name at all. All my episodes are “S0xExx - Episode Name”. No show name at all in the filename and it works fine on all the TV shows I have.

It’s working for me now. Using SMB instead of DLNA.

I am having a similar issue - but I am already using SMB - it seems to work for some but not all.

Seems that having none works too. As soon as I have anything in the file name Infuse interprets as a tv show name and it’s not exact like the parent folder it gets confused.

See my post displaying cover art for subfolders on apple TV for viewing metadata and artwork. This way it works like a charm. :wink: