TV Season Artwork

I would like to specify the artwork for a TV season.

Infuse groups each TV season into a single listing which is awesome, it’s a smart solution which generally works really well, however sometimes the season artwork isn’t correct and I would like to use a custom image instead.

I have taken a look at the following two articles:

These articles suggest that adding a folder called “folder.jpg” inside the season folder, or adding a folder called “season 1.jpg” at the same level as the season folder, will make that image the default artwork for the season but it does not. These methods work great for adding artwork to normal folders but they seem to be ignored when it comes to TV season groupings.

Is there any way to specify artwork for a TV season?

The artwork I want to use is always the top poster listed on the page for the season. Infuse seems to take a random TVDB image for each season which causes the inconsistency in the first place. If Infuse always took the top-listed artwork from TVDB I wouldn’t have to use custom artwork anyway, so perhaps this would be the ideal solution?

This is the same for the latest iOS and tvOS devices, pro version.

I have this problem as well. I also tried adding jpgs and then saw that James recently acknowledged that changing season art is not possible currently How can I change the cover of the Season-Folder of TV-Series?

It seems to be not totally random. Game of Thrones for example correctly uses the top season banner from tvdb for season 1-5 but uses the TV show’s poster for season 6 (it changes between the top two sometimes if I refresh the metadata). Hopefully this can be fixed.