TV reporting 4K when only 1080 or less

Recently downloaded Infuse onto my ATV 4k. I made sure the ATV is set to match the resolution and frame rate of the file being played. No problems with the actual playing of the file but the TV reports that it is receiving a 4k signal when in some cases it isn’t.
Any thoughts ?

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Are you by any chance going from the ATV to an AV receiver and then to the TV?


No straight to the TV via an HDMI switch…

A bit more detail would help. What do you mean by

How do you know that the signal going to the TV isn’t 4K? What resolution does Infuse report for the file? Are you going by the file name or have you looked at the MediaInfo report?

Hi I have ripped some of my dvd collection which were just DVDs not 4k Bku rays

When you look at the file in Infuse, what resolution does it show?


Just to clarify.

The Apple TV supports automatic switching of dynamic range and frame rate. The resolution will always remain fixed to the output you’ve selected.

So does infuse do the upscaling or tvOS? No way to get TV to do it except for setting resolution to HD?

Could it be reporting an HDR badge and not 4K?

After digging a bit it appears that the ATV handles the scaling based on the ATV settings. I just did an unscientific test and played a 144p, 360p, 720p, and 1080p file on mine where the ATV was set to 2160 and the ATV produced 2160p for all of them and I verified that by checking the HUD on the TV when playing. The only “change” I get on the TV is when it goes to HDR and I get the HDR badge for a few seconds on the TV.

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Thanks guys for all your responses. Yes it would appear @NC_Bullseye is spot on re the ATV upscaling, as ran an Amazon Prime tv series that is non uhd & the tv reported uhd again, non HDR 24 fps. Went back to ATV and ran a uhd hdr movie and tv reported UHD with HDR flag so it does appear the ATV upscales.
Thanks again everyone.

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