TV OS 11.2.5: Infuse is dead!

Yesterday I watched a bunch of shows and everything was okay. Installed the update for my Apple Tv and Infuse its dead in the water. No skates are being loaded, library falls to index. Nothing works! Did you test it?

Now I’m using VLC, and… Eh… No problems!


After watchingThe Daily Show on VLC i tried Infuse again and all of a sudden it works! I am getting really fed up with the erratic network handling of Infuse!

Wonder when it cannot connect again…

I haven’t tried the final 11.2.5 but Infuse worked fine with all the public betas.

Apparently it does work, it is just that the shoddy network programming is still not solved since July 2017 when I first mentioned it! I’ve spent roughly 15 minutes trying to reach a “Favorite” or try to update the library. It must be Infuse because VLC is connecting just fine without any form of hiccup…

I’ve seen no issues post-update. How is your network/server set up?

Mine is MacMini —> Eero Router —> Eero Router —> AppleTV 4K (all wired connections).

Mac Mini > Fritzbox router > Apple TV (previous version).

All wired, and the app having problems with the network is… Infuse. Therefore I don’t think it is much network.

I haven’t had any issues with my NAS and Infuse at all (updated my ATV4K last night and things worked as they did before)

Potentially, but since only a couple people are having trouble with it, it may be something with your network that Infuse is having trouble with.

I have no idea if it will be helpful, but it may be worth runnning a long ping from your macmini to your Apple TV, just to make sure there aren’t any hiccups. You can do that by opening the terminal app, typing “ping [your atv’s IP]” (without brackets or quotes), and then letting it run for a few hours. When it’s run for a a while, hit CTRL+c and look at the statistics. You should have 0.0% packet-loss in an environment like that.

If we can isolate what’s different about your setup, maybe firecore can issue a fix.

— ping statistics —
3205 packets transmitted, 3205 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 0.698/2.101/8.585/0.655 ms

I’ll try again when I notice the all too familiar error messages, but so far everything is ok

If this happens again, try fully closing out of VLC (or maybe just delete it) and Infuse should start working again.

you misunderstand, I haven’t used VLC in ages. It wasn’t in memory, I loaded it to see whether it is my network or not.

This morning I wasted 20 minutes trying to get Infuse to load anything, whereas VLC handled it straight away. As you know (or can find out) I’ve been fighting network vs. Infuse problems since July last year. The “An error occurred” message sometimes came up, but never 20 minutes after each other.

I’m writing through a translator., I hope you understand me
I had similar problems. Infuse saw Nas on the network, if I tried to connect the Address was filled in the form of synology.local (SMB). In this state there were big problems, while alternative applications (VLC) worked without problems. The solution was to create a manual connection, with a replacement synology.local > ip (
After that everything works like a clock, to this day

Sorry, but I don’t really understand…

Btw… Who says this is solved? In my opinion it is still not solved!

Thanks for the info.

We have a new SMB implementation that should provide faster and more reliable streaming, as well as support for some of the newer protocols like SMB3. We’re hoping to begin beta testing this soon, and if you are interested in giving this a try I can get you added to the beta.

Just let me know.

You can definitely sign me up! Apart from the ongoing network problems I love Infuse as a media player. I’d love to see whether it runs me of this pain…

PM sent. :slight_smile:

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