TV Meta Blues

These past few weeks have been most difficult with all the changes.
Many of us have literally hundreds of hours in organizing our collections.
Also most of the time the audio and video quality get better!
And I’m a Infuse Pro 4,5,and now 6 User! :slight_smile: :grinning:
From what I see its this big meta issue.
The latest issues…

  • The TV series Crusade (in the Babylon 5 world) has lost its cover art and information.
  • The series was fine for years and years but with latest updates its gone.
  • Episode is labeled
  • Crusade S01E01 and when you go to edit it comes up you see right away
  • you select crusade 1999 and nothing happens no meta.
    Original Lost in space series has wrong season cover art. Worked fine for years as well until infuse updates
  • Season one is correct
  • Season two shows season three cover art
  • Season three shows season two cover art
  • The episodes are labeled correctly and have worked for years till these updates
  • Lost In Space S01E01 The reluctant Stowaway (whole season correct and cover art correct)
  • Lost in Space S02E01 Blast of Into Space (whole season cover art shows season three cover art not season two)
  • Lost In Space S03E01 Condemned of Space (whole season cover art shows season two cover art not season three)
    It is my understanding that one can finally over ride tv cover art now. As in latest update is specifically shows tv cover art override.
    How is this literally done? Please do not email meta 101 link as that stuff doesnt work.
    What is the new way to do? Literally to save the correct season cover art from the TVMDB site that you can grab and then save into tv folders.
    Your help would be appreciated!
    Thanks for all the other great updates!
    Its really amazing to see progress from Infuse Pro 4 to Infuse pro6! :grinning:

Forgot here is link Infuse Pro 6.4.3 Showing

Folder artwork overriding for TV shows
Recently Added section for ‘Other’ Plex videos

Welcome to the forum!

Let’s take a stab at this in pieces.

First, I just checked and the “Crusade S01E01” is not cooperating. I’m going to guess this is part of a known issue with TVDB and is referenced here.

I’d say just follow this info and see if they can get the gremlins out of the works.

Next, for Lost in Space S02E01. I just did a test and it pulled the correct season poster for me.

And the same for season 03

I’d suggest you try the edit metadata on one episode of each season and see if that refreshes it.

Wow that was pretty fast. Thank you for the reply!

OK thanks for looking into Crusade and seeing the error.

I tried for season 2 and now season 2 shows a season 2 art work! Awesome
I tried for season 3 and still shows season 2 artwork.

Now for the 64 thousand dollar question! LOL
How do i manually make these images directly from TVMDB to override whats showing?

I want this one
Its showing this one

Overriding movie cover art has been easy and works great
Transformers 2007 (is the move file)
Transformers 2007 (is the jpg file named exactly like the movie)
Doing this overrides the movie cover art and i can choose from the TVMDB and save as jpg file.

Favorite folders artwork was easy with a favorite-atv of my favorite image from TVMDB put into the main page favorites folders.

I have all my TV series on NAS units and they have worked great no issues either.

Now if i can just be given the chance to override TV cover art would be amazing.
It is shown in your latest update but i do not know how to do.


We’ll get ya covered :wink:

If you go to this users guide

under the section " Overriding TV series, season, and episode artwork" you’ll see the naming structures.

What you’ll do is first download the poster you want for season 3 and name it
“season 03-poster.jpg” or if you have your season folders labeled as just Season 3 then it’d be “season 3-poster.jpg” once you’ve done that then you drop that into your series folder and then do an edit metadata on one of the episodes.

That should get you what you want. :slight_smile:

One other thing, check your season 3 folder of Lost In Space and make sure you don’t have even a single season 2 episode in there. That can cause problems with artwork too. Don’t ask how I found that out. LOL

Found the issue with why lost in space original series cover art season 2 is messed up!

On link once you scroll down you’ll see the green season 3 cover art for season 2.

So its them themselves they’ll need to fix. Usually the 1st poster listed it grabs so that prob why mine always shows wrong.

Also did look at my seasons lists and they all were labeled correctly.

And I do thank you for help so far.

I’ll log in over there and see if anyone has noted this. If not, I’ll bring it up.

Give me a bit since I escaped the dungeon for a bit. :slight_smile:

Sure! No Worries. Thanks.

Also still trying to figure out this TV cover art thing. Sent you few things.

I think I see the problem with why you’re having problems setting the season poster. It looks like you have your shows in folders like “Lost In Space Season 01” etc. You need to have a little different structure like thisl.

Main series folder with season folders inside that. Those folders are then named “Season 0X” without the series name in them.

Also note the season 03-poster.jpg is located in the series folder, not inside the individual season folder.

You can follow this change request on TVDB here

Oh! LOL OK thanks! Ill try now.

And the Crusade series works now! It no longer shows up in other folder! Thank you!

“Danger Danger Will Robinson! You have the File Structure Wrong!” LOL!

Made Change Works! All these years! I had No Idea!

OK OK Next question! If I may?

In my TV Drive 12 Folder I used to have all the TV seasons shown.
Now with new way you taught me it just shows the TV series cover art and then you have to select that and then shows all the seasons of that series.

How does one alter the actual series cover art?

Shows This
Id Like This

Also I have season 1 and 2 of the 2018 lost in space so how do i do that?
Meaning and bare with me I have the original Lost in space series labled lost in space with season 1-3 in it like you just taught me.

Again i just cant thank you enough.

Hi and welcome…
Have you tried saving the image you want to use and naming it folder.jpeg and putting that in the master folder with all the seasons in?
Works for me.
As for the meta problems it down to the fact there’s no local storage built into the app for images and the reliance on 2 databases so as has happened when TMDB/TVDB change anything it will change our builds, hopefully an update soon will sort this.

Thank you for helping. I tried nothing happened.
Still Shows this.
What am I doing wrong?


Per the users guide I referenced above.
Series poster (available only while using Library)

Just get the artwork you want and name it “poster.jpg” and place it in the series folder.

For the new LIS
Series folder name Lost In Space 2018

File names are Lost in Space 2018 S01E01.ext

Again this is from memory since I’m AWOL from the office. :wink:

Works!!! LOL I have the robot picture I wanted for the series! Woohoo!

I am truly thank full for all your guys help today! I’m a big big infuse fan.

Ive had infuse pro 4 , 5, and 6! Nice to know I have files correctly now! DOH!

And your memory is good!

You gave me a lotta homework now! I have to redo all my TV Series nowand I’m excited to have correct finally.

And it is darn cool you can now choose or however long you could to have your own tv cover art from TVMDB!

And a big Thank you to Mr. Infuse Pro!

Happy to help! Enjoy :smile:

I’m almost done on edit of my TV Drive 6 folder after learning correct procedure. Also a a note my Blu Ray & DVD box sets look and sound amazing! The only thing left i have as everything else is perfect is the tv series Viper (TVDB Viper link attached). Under the special features section it looks like it needs to be updated.

Its currently showing only (1) of the 2 part pilot episodes. The VEI DVD box set has them in (2) episodes not (1).

The episodes currently labeled work for all Viper seasons so I think there fine its just an update is needed from them when they have time.

Viper.S00E01.Pilot Part 1
Viper.S00E02.Pilot Part 2

IMG_7407 IMG_7411 IMG_7412 IMG_7413 IMG_7414



Also the Viper pilot episode has the year 1970 and it is to be 1994 i believe.