TV Library not showing up for 1 jellyfin user

Hello support,

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have jellyfin 10.6.4 setup on a windows host on my home network and it all appears to be functioning as it should. I have layered infuse 6 pro on top of this for our apple tv and ios devices, however I am encountering a strange issue for one user; the “tv shows” library does not show up on the main infuse “library” screen, however they do show up under “files > jellyfin > TV shows”

The TV shows show up and are playable directly from jellyfin for this user, and if I delete the jellyfin media server from settings and recreate it with the other user login the TV shows show up correctly. I have included some screenshots of what I am referring this.

From the affected account on the jellyfin server:

since I can only upload 1 media item per post here are some other screen shots:

jellyfin account:

infuse for the affected account:

infuse affected account:

infuse affected account:

finally a screenshot from infuse on the account that IS working:

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From the screen caps you sent it appears that the one not showing TV show is still trying to sync since it shows about the number of missing TV shows in the “Fetching TV shows” message with the spinning wheel. Let it finish so it says "Last Update… " at the top of the screen like the last screen cap you sent.

It just takes some time to build the library the first time.

Hello NC_Bullseye, thanks for the follow up. We have waited roughly 14hrs now and still no change. It does eventually get past that and will show “last update: today, XYZ” will show the total # of movies but a 0 for TV shows and still does not show “TV shows” on the main infuse page

It took roughly 5 minutes for the TV shows to sync for the user which is working, I cant imagine it would take > 14hrs for the other user? If I delete the media server in infuse for the affected user and recreate it with the working user the TV shows show up immediately. if I delete the media server and recreate it with the affected user once more, the tv shows do not show up. If it were a sync or other issue shouldnt the behavior be the same for both users or am I misunderstanding?

thanks again

Are these both using the same user id for the server or are they using different user IDs? If it doesn’t ever sync for the TV shows that sounds like a sharing permissions issue on the server for the TV show directory.

I don’t use jellyfin but something is stopping Infuse from being able to scan that directory.

Thanks again. I thought about a possible user account issue and prior to making this ticket I deleted the user in jellyfin and recreated it with the same issue. I did make sure that the user has access to “all libraries” in Jellyfin.

The reason I believe its got to do with infuse is (as can be seen in the above screenshots) the user has access to and can successfully play TV shows from the jellyfin server directly when logged in as the affected user, just not over infuse. (when media server is setup with username/password of affected user)

Its a share on windows server 2016 with “everyone” having full permissions (for troubleshooting) I dont have any issues hitting that share as “guest” and getting the full contents. Not sure where else to look. I’m going to make a totally separate user shortly and see if that gets us anywhere, not sure if there is something in the DB that may be persistent through account deletions/recreations?

Question, why use Jellyfin to start with? Have you tried Infuse as a stand alone? It does a great job and arranges things pretty good.

Thats a good question and one I may revisit. Honestly, I setup jellyfin and some ***arr apps for the Mrs. so she could easily stream to all of our devices, request and download episodes without having to involve me, and get the latest releases as they are available. I thought it would be the most accessible for “end users” and it could be automated to prevent me from having to be the point of contact/failure.

Hopped on the infuse train for apple tv compatibility and then noticed the issues described above.

I wanted to close the loop on this issue. I’m not entirely sure where the hold up was, but it was resolved after creating a new user in Jellyfin and using those credentials to log into the media server via infuse. There must be some backend identifier in Jellyfin that is persistent through account removals because I can reliably reproduce the issue by adding the media server with the affected user to infuse = no TV shows. Remove the media server and add it with the new, 3rd user and TV shows sync correctly like in the 1st user account.

Now the curious part is that the affected user CAN navigate and watch TV shows from the media server directly, just not through in infuse. Its only that one account it seems.

I dont like not know the resolution to issues like this since I very well may encounter it in the future, but for anyone who comes behind me, try to create a new, clean user account and sync that with infuse.

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