TV - Infuse Pro Subscription Error

Infuse 6 Pro was the last version to offer a choice of a “stand alone” Pro version or a subscription model. When you purchased the stand alone Infuse 6 Pro you retain the use of 6 Pro and all updates to version 6. You can still use this version 6 Pro as long as you like but the last maintenance update was 6.7 to change the metadata source to TMDB.

If you did a subscription to 6 to Pro (instead of purchasing the stand alone version) you get access to the current pro version of Infuse including 7 and beyond as long as you maintain that subscription. If you have a subscription, you subscription price is locked in as long as you don’t let it lapse. If it lapses then you will then have to pay what ever the new rates are.

There is no longer a stand alone version of Infuse, only the subscription model but if you want to do a one and done for all future versions of Infuse pro including major updates like V8 and on then there is a “lifetime” subscription that is a one time payment.

The details on how to get Infuse 7 Pro can be found here.

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