TV folder artwork 4.2


Hoping someone may have an answer! Since updating to 4.2 I have been having major problems with the artwork for TV show folders in library view.

I use the setup of putting a ‘folder.jpg’ in the main show name and subsequent season folders. A majority of the folders do not show the jpg image when looking at tv shows in library view. I have a second appletv in the house on an older version of infuse and the tv show jpg images appear fine when viewing them as a favourite share.

Any ideas would be much appreciated as this is really frustrating!


I am having same problem. Has there been any resolution?

Have worked it out if you anyone is still interested. Name your picture within each folder to “folder” artwork displays beautifully.

The solution for me was to name the folder slightly different than the actual show name. For instance, i ripped my entire fast and furious collection and put it in a folder called “Fast and Furious”. Which happens to be the title of one of the movies, and the “folder.jpg” didn’t work. So i renamed the folder to “Fast and Furious Collection” and the folder jpg instantly worked.